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Bowling For Soup
The Bitch Song

Is it OK if I speak to you today
You've been pissed off for a week now
But, nothing I could say could make you look up
Or crack up
Is there anything that I can do
Anything to show you

You're a bitch
But, I love you anyway
OH OH You can't sing
But, You still put me to sleep
Baby, You're a bitch
Hey Hey Hey Hey
You make me sick
But, Don't ever go away

So you tell me that there'e nothing left to say
I drive you face the window
Then you're in my face telling me to grow up
I wish you'd grow up
I can't wait until you fall asleep,
I wonder if you know that

Yeah you're a bitch but I love you anyway
So why don't you......Stay

Created June 25, 2001

This amazing background was made
using the fantastic art of Luis Royo

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Thanks to Tales for the font Cataneo BT